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why choose GFXserver?

you will love your design

Our number one focus when we design your new website is to make sure you love it. We work together with you to come up with the perfect website look and feel that best suits your business. You know your business, your customers and your branding better than anyone so we make sure you are involved every step of the way.

your website is custom built

Your business is unique, and so should your website. GFXserver will build you a completely custom site, starting with a white screen and working up. We don't use pre-made templates, and we won't pull a "Website out of a Box". Your new website will be unique and inidividual.... just like your business.

you are involved all the way

Noone knows your business better than you do, so there is no better person than you to guide us in building your new website. We encourage your participation and input all the way through building your site. From the look, feel, colours and layout of your design, to how the information in your site appears. If you think it would look better a different way, we make it so!

your new website is 100% yours!

There are no licensing arrangements or control over your website by GFXserver. When we build you a website, it's yours. Unlike some other web designers, we don't own it and lease it to you ... it belongs to you!

there is no maintenance contract

A site built by GFXserver comes with no "Maintenance Contact" where you pay a set fee per month for ongoing maintenance. If your website needs updating, we simply bill you for the time it takes to make the changes at the end of that month. If you don't need any changes for 3 months, you don't pay us anything for "Maintenance".

GFXserver is totally a web design business

Website Design and Development. That's what we do! GFXserver isn't a marketing company or a graphic design company that "dabbles" in Website Development. We are professional, full-time website developers!!!

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